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The launch of Temple II space laboratory will be the Long March II F rocket
September 14, 2016, Jiuquan, Gansu, September 15 at 10 pm, Temple II will be launched, more than a day away from the launch time, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center where the Oriental Space City, there are spectacular sunset. Oriental IC Figure September 15, lunar August 15, when the Mid-Autumn Festival. In this reunion night, the Northwest Desert will once again for the feat of China's space and joy. Long March II F-T2 launch vehicle is about to whistling, China's first true sense of the space laboratory into the scheduled orbit, opened China's manned space project two-step two-stage curtain. As a vehicle, the Long March II F-T2 rocket is the first mission of the "first stick", the role of major. Rocket in the "twins" Long March II F carrier rocket is dedicated to manned spaceborne two-stage carrier rocket, by the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of China's carrier rocket technology research institute grasp the total development. Long March II F carrier rocket general command Jing wood spring in the surging news ( interview, said the Long March II F launch vehicle, including launch target aircraft (Temple II laboratory) and manned spacecraft (Shenzhou 11 ) Two space states, like a pair of twin brothers. From the appearance point of view, the biggest difference in the "head", for the launch of the target aircraft without escape tower device, fairing size is relatively large, reaching 4.2 meters, while the launch of the manned spacecraft rocket fairing only 3.8 meters. It is reported that the escape tower is the manned space mission space carrier essential emergency system, once the rocket in the launch process (0-110 km height) accident, it can start at any time, pulling the fairing inside the track and The return capsule is separated from the rocket to help the astronauts on the spacecraft get out of danger. The size of the fairing becomes larger and closely related to the size of the Temple II. "The size of the temple is larger than that of the Shenzhou spacecraft, and it is also larger in size, so it is necessary to use a larger size fairing." In addition to the larger size, the fairing shape also changes. "The fairing head design uses a streamlined von Carmen curve that can better reduce air resistance and reduce the impact on the load." Von Carmen is a pioneer of engineering mechanics in the United States, pioneer of aerospace technology theory, and von Carmen curve is Based on the curve of his research results. More powerful "brother" Jing wood spring to the surging news that the launch of the target aircraft of the Long March II F called "T" series, launched manned spacecraft on the Long March II F called "Y" series for this year 10 Month launch Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft on the Long March II F-Y11 rocket and launch Temple II Long March II F T2 rocket approach, currently on the plant to accept some technical tests. "T" series of rockets by the body structure system, power system, control system, the use of systems, telemetry systems, security system, inspection system, additional systems and ground support system a total of nine systems. Jing Mu Chun said that the "Y" series used to launch manned spacecraft due to the increase in the escape tower system, the number of its system than the "T" series more than one. In September 2011, the Long March II F-T1 rocket successfully put the first target aircraft Temple One into the scheduled orbit. Although the Long March II F "T" series is the rocket "twins" in the younger brother, but its "strength" than the "Y" series of brothers, carrying capacity of 8.6 tons, than the "Y" series of rocket 8.15 tons 0.45 tons. How is this carrying capacity improved? Jing Mu Chun said: "The first is the 'T' series to cancel the escape tower system, reducing some of their weight; the other is the rocket booster with a new design, increased rocket propellant filling volume, making the carrier Ability to mention to the 8.6 tons. "" God arrows "" T "series of masterpiece Long March II rocket enjoy" God arrow "reputation. In the implementation of the Temple II space laboratory mission before the completion of the 10 Shenzhou spacecraft and a Tiangong-1 target aircraft launch mission, in the 11 launch missions, "God Arrow" maintained 100% success rate The Jing Mu spring to surging news that the Long March II, although the rocket has maintained a high success rate, but the development team has not been to its improvement has not stopped, the launch of the Long March II F-T2 rocket has more than 80 technical status changes , Many of which are to improve the reliability of the rocket. After the improvement, the Long March II F series rocket adaptability is stronger, the reliability level is higher, whether it is "T" series or "Y" series, has the new "brain", the track precision is higher. Temple of Heaven Space Laboratory is the Temple of the backup aircraft, improved to become a space laboratory. Temple II flight mission after the end of our country will not launch similar to Temple One or Temple II aircraft. Temple in the second space laboratory commander Zhu Zongpeng told surging news, said: "In the early planning, the relevant departments have considered the development of Temple III space laboratory, but in order to speed up the pace of manned space project, the Temple II and Temple 3 The task merged together, Temple II task density has increased. "Surging news learned that the end of the task after the Temple II, China will be based on planning with the Long March five rocket launch space station cabin, the formation of China's first space station, cargo spacecraft Of the launch by the Long March VII rocket bear, manned spacecraft in the next period of time is still by the Long March II F rocket in the "Y" series bear, therefore, the launch of Temple II space laboratory will be the Long March II F rocket "T" series of the last launch.

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