Demolition of the village empty house is now digging treasure digging hole exploration hole steep pit deepest 2 meters

Two months ago in the North Shijiazhuang found cave
(Reporter Cui Yifei) Yesterday, there are Chaoyang masses to reflect, in the North Shijiazhuang a demolition of the ruins, found that many of the different depths of the pirates of the pit. Pirates of the pit focus on the location, demolition of the former Department of North Shijiazhuang 8 homes. Two months ago, "Legal Evening News" had exposed here to explore the hole frequency of the event. Local residents confirmed that the development from the cave into pirates, stealing the reason why the tomb will be followed, because the region has buried a Qing Dynasty officials. Today, small-scale cave has been developed into a large pious pit, the deepest 2 meters. Tomb history of scholars pointed out that the demolition of the village to empty, basically not fortified, digging treasure, the tomb of the people just take advantage of News Review demolition of the village empty house is a number of exploration hole North Shijiazhuang Chaoyang District will be the East Village, East Village, eight villages are natural village, is being demolished demolition. Two months ago, there are cultural rejuvenants found that the North Shijiazhuang Village on the 8th of the room inside and outside, there have been many excavation traces, which Luoyang shovel to stay up to more than 20 holes. According to the reporter to understand, here was the Qing Dynasty Fuzhou General Shi Wenbing tomb, the surface construction has been no deposit. Local villagers confirmed that some people under the cover of the night, to explore the treasures here, but no one is willing to "trouble", just listen to stealing the dog has been called. Yesterday, there are Chaoyang masses found that the North Shijiazhuang demolition of treasures of the phenomenon has not been curbed, and further development. Site visit the cave to change the big pit are locked in the same direction According to the masses to report, the reporter also visited the North Shijiazhuang. And two months ago, the hole is not the same, the village found all pirates pit, the number of nearly 10, concentrated in the same area, different sizes, different shades. Small potholes are half a meter deep, the hole diameter of about 50 cm, the surface covered with snow, should be dug for at least 1 week, and large pious pit enough to drill into a person. Reporters saw the largest pilgrims deep about two meters, ordinary people squatting in the pit can be easily removed and moved, in the pit at the bottom of the side, is a slope below the dig into the small hole, but there are signs of backfill, So small hole unfathomable, dug nothing to know. From the wet soil, this dug hole dug time is not long. Zhang Lin, who has lived here, told reporters that the location of the largest Pirates of the pit, it is the North Shijiazhuang 8 East House under the wall, two months ago, tenants pay the key, but the house has not been demolished, Was dug up. He had heard the old man in the village, where the ancient tomb of the Qing Dynasty, there are three Po top. The largest Pirates of the pit, it should be the location of Dongbao Ding. Reporters observed, Pirates of the hole where the location, in the East Fifth Ring Road, about 50 meters east of iron bridge. Historical records recorded here has been buried in the Qing Dynasty general "Beijing Chaoyang District name" records, North Shijiazhuang, formerly known as the North Shijiazhai Village. Because of the original Qing Dynasty in Fuzhou, the general name of the tomb of Fuzhou, as to its father Dingnan general Hua Shan tomb where the South Shijiazhuang corresponding, hence the name. Late scholar Feng Qili's "Jingjiao Qing to find" records, Shi Wenbing tomb did not rise from the wall, the tree is not much, see the tombs also surnamed stone Choose the tomb, the feng shui a "Phoenix does not fall unparalleled land" principle, looking for the Phoenix settled, is catching up with the two magpies quarrel, so the selected site. Shi Wenbing cemetery destroyed earlier, long gone. Local villagers confirmed that the location was dug, it is the tomb of the position. Scholars to analyze the demolition of the village is not fortified to dig treasure manufacturing opportunities Chinese Tomb history research scholars, "Millennium Tomb notes", "Chinese people tomb history" author Ni Fang six analysis, the first vertical digging, and then dig around to expand the scope, This is a common way of digging the tombs. If the description by the villagers, its orientation to find accurate, may really found the cultural relics. And these digging treasure armed very powerful, the use of metal detectors, GPS positioning and the like modern tools. These people left the "Taobao pit", can be used to describe the miserable. Dug out ancient coins, jade, cigarette holder is a common thing. Ni Fang six pointed out that the "People's Republic of China Cultural Relics Protection Law" provides: the People's Republic of China underground, water and territorial waters of all cultural relics, belong to the state. Underground buried artifacts, any unit or individual are not allowed to explore. Dug ancient cultural sites, ancient tombs, constitute a crime, shall be held criminally responsible. Ni Fang six said, the demolition of the village is basically not fortified, and the scene is not cultural relics protection units, which gave these digging treasure can take advantage of the machine. Official response will once again strengthen the protection of work This morning, the reporter called the township government office, a male staff said, will convey this situation to the leadership. Then the reporter contacted the Chaoyang District Cultural Affairs Bureau of cultural relics, a female staff said that two months ago found in the North Shijiazhuang cave, they have and local township government communication, hoping to strengthen prevention and control, according to the relevant provisions they can not Take the initiative to explore. At the same time, the staff suggested that once the dig treasure situation, the public can immediately alarm, she will once again notify the township government to strengthen the demolition of the village related to the protection work. And photo / reporter Cui Yifei special thanks to the clue to provide: Mr. Zhang

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